agustina pérez miori
(+34) 647 988 789

loly ghirardi
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Parc Sportiv
Samedan, Switzerland


The Parc Samedan Sportiv logo is based on concepts of dynamism and duality. The particularity of using the park for different sports programs according to the season marks the color pattern and the division of a symbol consisting of two semicircles that create the isotype. Also generating a summary of the letter "S" of Samedan, Sportiv.

Warm colors have been selected for summer and cold colors for winter.
The duality is found in competitive sport, we can win or lose ... competing against yourself or with others. The sport depends on the physical and mental capacity and capability...
We can also classify them as mind sports or motor sports. The two sides thus coexist and interact.

In creating the system of pictograms we relied on the primordial form, we found the concept of dynamism, repeating and rotating strokes to emphasize the movement or velocity in each of the sports.

The visual identity of Parc Sportiv (Samedan, Engadin) has purity in the media and communication readability. Based on geometric shapes to create an opening in the different formal project applications and a visual unit in the set.

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