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“Microvida" Exhibition
Client: Expografic & Cosmo Caixa

"Microlife" raises an amazing journey through the world of microscopic creatures, so close to us and yet so unknown. On that trip the complexity and diversity of the invisible world is discovered. In this production, made by EXPOGRAFIC with the support of  the Department of Investigation, Science and Environment, Social Work "la Caixa" invites to walk along different areas, through this universe, which is half way between science and art, between art and beauty. The photographs on which the exhibition is based on also combine these seemingly opposite subjects.

We speak of graphic art photographer and biologist Rubén Duro (ASA) who has explored the microscopic world by the technique of dark field microscopy, obtaining moving images of amazing individuals, where the unquestionable beauty does not hide the in-still look of the scientist.

We developed the identity and graphic exhibition based on concepts of scale and magnification.
A graphic game of the different magnifications using a geometric typography, generating resources from it and giving prominence to the circle.
The simplicity of bacterial morphology, the graphics of field curvature in the photographic   approach and the progressive scale were our fundamental source of inspiration.
The details in the form of technical specifications of the brackets and the technical illustrations of micro-organisms for the photos of Rubén Duro bring a scientific and modern character to the design.
The color range of the different exposition halls come from colors in water and air.

CosmoCaixa Barcelona.
In collaboration with Expografic.

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