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Client: Ámbito Cero to Obra Social La Caixa
CosmoCaixa Barcelona Museum

The temporary exhibition "Mediterranean" is an open reflection on our relationship with the sea and on how we should act in an objective fact;  the overpopulation of its coasts and its limited capacity for renewal have made the Mediterranean  an area with levels of pollution and endangered species of the highest in the world. A place to experience and know the Mediterranean as was ever made; enter a shoal, observe the evolution of the salinity crisis or discover the real dangers that threaten the future of our sea.

We create an image through 3 formal elements:
Basic forms + Color+ Typography
Isologo shape is based on the silhouette of the Mediterranean Sea through the exhibition modular frame.
The italic font version proposed underlines the concepts related to the sea: Sinuosity, fluidity, movement and dynamism.
The color palette runs the blue colors of the different depths of the sea.

CosmoCaixa Barcelona
In collaboration with Ámbito cero.

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