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Styling Marinah
Art Direction 

With reference to the organization and co-creation of fashion showroom Dress Up, Montuno Producciones proposed us to take charge of the art direction and styling for the new concept Marinah (former lead singer of Ojos de Brujo).

For this project we decided to have the cooperation of fashion designers:
Hiske Ter Veld and Laura Torroba 

After many meetings and brainstorming’s  to try to translate and define the new Marina in the vanguard of artistic movements, trends, genres, forms, colors, materials and fabrics…We opted for two ways:
• A warrior goddess; romantic and daring. Reminiscent of Don Quixote, inspired by futurism and elements like fire and earth.
• A  Mediterranean nymph. A more intimate styling, a modernist chrysalis, represented by the elements of water and air.

Thus we come to the first sketches. Developing within the two ways, two outfits with several multipurpose garments. The fun and functionality was to be able to play as if they were layers that were added and subtracted giving different uses to garments. To do this, we decided to work with materials and fabrics that overlap with volumes, punched and transparencies, up to the preparation of garments, each in a unique and exclusive styling.
Both lines, the warrior goddess and the Mediterranean nymph share the essential idea of transformation-metamorphosis, as this new phase of Marina means a new beginning, a new awakening.

A project to Montuno Producciones

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