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Active Museum of Olive Oil


We designed a dynamic, simple, persuasive and flexible visual identity. To do this we created a graphic system based on shapes that come from the structure of the fruit that gives origin to the protagonist of the museum itself: The olive oil.
The main range colors used go from yellow / gold to green. Whenever possible we used metallic colors specially thought of to apply them in the area of the Agora and olive oil.
We symbolized the transparencies oil generates with the overlapping of main colors.

For the outside of the museum we designed a monolith that imitates the form of the olive leaf. It consisted of two stamped convex metal sheets to generate depth and transparency. Color was involved in one of these using the selected color palette. Interior signage retrieved the shape of the logo leading to its own three-dimensional cylindrical shape. They were illuminated from the inside, focusing light on the information.

Client: Expografic

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