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Le musée du Cheval.
Domaine de Chantilly

The Horse Museum was opened in 2013 in the 15 rooms of la Cour des Remises in the Great Stables of the Château de Chantilly. As a museum of art and ethnology, it´s goal is to allow visitors to discover the importance of the relationships between men and horses since the beginning of civilization.
Visitors can contemplate at about 200 objects and works of art: paintings, prints, sculptures, manuscripts, equestrian equipment ...
Its contemporary museology applies many interactive resources and offers visitors a glimpse of the horse and its history that is both educational and enjoyable.
The museum also reviews the role of the horse in power, in war, in hunting and in leisure. The horse races, for which Chantilly has been famous since 1834, is represented in two rooms of the museum.

In collaboration with Ámbito Cero

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