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Graphic Identity and Naming
Fans Planet

Planet fan is a plan that we can all join. The plan is to make a better world. And while improving the world, we get money for other plans.
A prom trip, for example.

The naming emerged from the combination of social networking language+ respect for the environment + travel / fun for students.
The main goal is for the students to be fans of products (because they save and help the planet), a fan of the planet (because they take care of it and because it’s theirs) and a Planet Fan fan (because it helps in achieving the purpose of the prom trip).

I like it! I'm a fan of Planet Fans
The logo is formed by multiple fonts with the same typography in which each letter has its own proportion. A different letter was chosen to represent the individuality of each fan. Just as everyone has their height, weight, character, personality...
This message is inside a balloon that reminisces to the app location icon.

Client: Marca Diferencia

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