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Temporal Exhibition
"Fins a aconseguir-ho!" 
Centre Cultural Born

Centre Cultural Born is a unique and exceptional space that brings together three centuries of Catalan history. Under the structure of an emblematic market of the iron architecture of the nineteenth century, we find the Barcelona of 1700, the site of Born (an archaeological space), the thriving city that suffered the siege of 1714, of an epic and heroic resistance, before resulting  in the loss of national liberties of Catalonia, still unrecovered three centuries later.
Inside the Center we find the exhibition "Fins a aconseguir-ho! (El setge de 1714) "(Until we get it! The siege of 1714).
Describing the events of the War of Succession to the Spanish Crown that led to the capitulation of Barcelona on 11 September 1714.
The title of the exhibition "Until we get it!" appeared on the Catalan Guards Regiment flag. It expresses the effort in the struggle of the Catalans to defend and enhance freedoms, and is also a theme that transcends temporality and binds us with a present in which liberties, as then, continue to be the object and subject of the history.

The graphical approach is inspired by the elements and compositions of newspaper editorial design, because of its formal and informative character, playing a modern and readable image, through its formal elements: fillets, drop caps, columns divisions.

Project in collaboration with Ámbito Cero.

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